Spring has well and truly sprung in the Gardens and Grounds of Herstmonceux Castle and the snow is now a distant memory.

The gardens seem to have come alive over the past week with Daffodils being joined by Tulips, Bluebells and Anemones.

In our last update we spoke about the hard work the grounds staff were putting in by coppicing the chestnuts, clearing trails and improving the trail beside the moat. This has now been completed and the moat walk is now more accessible as well as giving clearer vistas of the castle over the moat. We have also made it a lot simpler to find the best view by updating the signage in the visitors centre and the map within the main brochure which you are given upon arrival.

Now the plants and flowers are waking up from their hibernation, the gardeners can make sure they nurture the fragile new growth and take pride in the hard work they put in over the dark and cold winter months. The spring will keep them busy lovely jobs like edging, weeding and pruning.

New signage will be added in May which will introduce each garden with a short write up on the theme, what you can find and little facts on the plants, flowers and trees.

With our updated website having a gallery and new photography, we wanted to give visitors the chance to share their wonderful pictures with other visitors and members of staff. So with this in mind we have added a picture of the month section to our homepage and we invite you to send us your photography. Our website receives between 9000 and 14000 visitors a month and your picture could be displayed on the homepage. Please send images tophotography@herstmonceux-castle.com

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